Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dog Days of Spring

This dog, Britt, may look easy-going, but don't be deceived. I am watching her for a friend today and she is keeping me company as I pack up my stuff to move again. (ugh!) After moping around the box piles for a while, we decided to take a walk. Or rather, I decided it would be good for us to walk. She decided otherwise. She fought me every ten feet, digging her heels in, as if to say, "Nope, no thanks, don't wanna leave the last place I saw my owner." We finally turned around, but it is a shame because today is warm and sunny and I know she would have enjoyed the walk. . . .

They say that animals teach us lots of lessons, if we are willing to listen. Native Americans believe that animals are our link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Perhaps this is so.

It occurred to me, as Britt dragged her haunches behind the leash, that I am kinda doing the same thing to the Universe. The Universe is pulling me along, away from what I have known and am comfortable with, and I am feeling very resistant to that pull. I want to dig my heels in and say, "Nope, no thanks, don't wanna go into the unknown." And yet, historically, every time I've released the heel breaks of my life, I've been catapulted forward into an unanticipatedly wonderful new life adventure. You'd think I'd learn.

Well, maybe it was the fresh air or maybe it was the doggie lesson that brought me back to the house with a renewed energy for packing up and moving on. Change is hard and packing is a drag, yet the new horizons that await me, just around the corner, beckon like a park full of fire hydrants (in dog-speak).

Now, if I could just sell this dining room table set so I don't have to pay to move it again....

Happy dog dreams to you all!

xo, Cate

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Imposters and Moons

Today, a woman came up to me at the author's table at the WAI conference in Orlando and thanked me for my talk yesterday.

She said, "It was during your presentation that I had an epiphany, I realized 'I am an imposter.'" She went on to explain how she had held a whole string of illustrious jobs in the aviation world and she hated every one of them. She had only followed that path because of her father's nudging. What she really wanted to do was write. She said, "Thank you. You have given me the inspiration to pursue my own dream instead of following someone else's dream." 

That is pretty powerful stuff.

Whether talking to grade schools, high schools (the toughest audience!) or adults, the commonality is that we all have dreams, some of which have been unrealized because of fears, or external pressures, or uncertainties about how to proceed. I don't pretend to be the queen of dream-makers. There are amazing women and men out there who have conquered the world in truly extraordinary ways. But it's not about conquering the world or making lots of money; It's about doing what you love and find rewarding, whether it be running a Fortune 500 company or quilting for homeless people. Despite what the world may try to convince us about success, the only true definer of your success is your own heart.

Whatever it is a person wants to do, I tell them "Shoot for the moon." I say, "Even if you miss, you'll land on a star."

Last week, I saw a card with that exact saying in a bookstore. Darn! I thought I had made that one up!

Happy dreams to you all!

xo, Cate

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Happiest Place on Earth

Today marks my third day at Coronado Springs Hotel in Disneyworld, Orlando. I came for the Thursday-Saturday Women in Aviation International Annual Conference. And I came a day early to enjoy a little Florida sun, which has remained shy at showing its face. My sole regret, however, is that my baggage decided to take the long way here, only just arriving today, and leaving me for two days with yoga pants, a jean jacket, and no makeup. Lovely. But I try to look at the bright side - I was forced to obtain some new duds at the outlet mall yesterday, so as to be ready for today's presentation.

Speaking of the bright side, I asked the gift store attendant if everyone here got special training to be smiley and friendly. He said no, it was just expected. And isn't that a wonderful thing? Although I have
occasionally scoffed at Disney properties for their facade of life as a clean, happy, whistling-a-tune-as-I-go kind of place, I rather like the concept. For a while anyway. I am not suggesting that we all go around with foolish grins or Pollyanna attitudes, but imagine how we could alter our realities if we each made a little more effort to be friendly, attentive, kind, and considerate.I don't think it would take away the raw edge of life, but it might blunt it a little bit.

This picture is of me (in my baggage-lost-had-to-buy-it new dress) and new friend, Kathy, from Connecticut. Kathy is a flight instructor and aspiring writer. We talked about flying, airplanes, writing, dreaming, universal guidance, and life philosophy both before and after my speech. She is such a nice person, she almost puts Disney employees to shame. At 26, she's already conquered so much of the world, and with a smile.

Best part of my job, as author and speaker: 
The awesome people I meet.

xo, Cate

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Adventures here and there

Ah, busy times.
I spent all of last weekend at the NW Aviation conference, speaking, and signing books, and chatting with friends, old and new. I met up with Ken Davies from the new flight school, Cascade Aviation, at Skagit airport. He is very excited about starting up some awesome programs that encourage women (Pink Squadron) and youth to fly. He has invited me to be involved with them. His energy and enthusiasm remind me of Out of the Blue Aviation.
Speaking of Out of the Blue, we had a little "reunion" a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun, we've decided to make it a regular event. These are people I have a lot of great history with and to whom I owe all the success that was Out of the Blue. I definitely want to be a part of that type of flight school again - so I hope to be flying soon up at Skagit with Cascade. Skagit appears to be the happening airport right now, with the museum from Bellingham having just moved there and two restaurants and a lot of good energy. If anyone is interested in learning more about the flight school there, drop me an email.

In the meantime, I am finishing up my week here in Twisp, in beautiful Okanagon Couny, promoting women in aviation. I spoke today to the middle school and high school and alternative school. Tomorrow I speak to the grade school (fun!) then it is a book signing at Trail's End Bookstore and all day Saturday at the airport doing meet and greet. Plus I get to go fly tomorrow with my host, Bob, in his Cessna 170. I'll try to post some pics of the beautiful countryside here. Gorgeous rolling hills covered in snowy pines and a blue sky backdrop that seems to never end. All good stuff!

xo, Cate

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dancing the Wild Fandango

Our dreams wait in the wings 
for us to step into their arms
so they can dance away with us.

Those of you who know me, know I love to dance and I love to fly, so I like the imagery of the above saying. It's got wings (yeah, double entendre there), and dancing, and theater (the double). Okay, I'm not so big on theater and acting. Don't get me wrong; I'd like to give it a try if I had the time and the guts. But really, public speaking is not my favorite thing. Has anybody out there done Toastmasters? I keep thinking I should join a group. What about karaoke? I went out twice last week for karaoke and there were some pretty weak performances. But who cares? I admired them for getting up and belting out tunes.

In any case, I am getting a little more practice talking in front of people, with a whole bunch of speaking opportunities in the next two months. I am doing book readings and luncheons and dinners and school assemblies and conferences (if you're going to the NW Aviation Conference, I'll be speaking Saturday at 2:15 - come say hi!). I used to be quite susceptible to stage fright. Like anything, practice makes perfect, and I am finding that I enjoy the challenge of sharing my passions with groups of people.

What is it that scares you? What do you avoid? What do  you secretly wish you had the guts to do? Sometimes, you  just gotta step into whatever it is that scares you and suddenly you find you are dancing to new and exhilarating music.Or just doing something wild and crazy on the beach. Whatever works for you!

As always, I love to hear your thoughts via email at

xo, Cate

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A B-52 Year


We are well into the New Year of 2014 and I have also begun my personal New Year, having celebrated my birthday on January 10th.

If last year was my P-51 year (Powerful 51), this year is my B-52 (Bountiful 52). A few years ago, the B-52 completed 50 years of continuous service (just like me) and is expected to continue to serve into the 2040s (absolutely! I intend to be running strong then too!). The B-52 has "superior performance at high subsonic speeds and relatively low operating costs" (ah, the similarities continue!) And its nickname is "BUFF" which also applies :-) (I won't tell you what the acronym stands for, because it definitely doesn't work in the search for commonalities!).

As you can see from the picture, the B-52 has gone through a number of evolutions and iterations, as have I.

And that, perhaps, is the key to surviving so long - the ability to adapt and  improve, and the willingness to accept change. Change is one of the most difficult things for us to embrace. We often fight against the inevitable evolution of life. We hold tightly to people and places that no longer serve us simply because we fear the uncertainty that letting go would cause; We resist losing those we love, whether it be through diverging paths or as a result of death, because we dread the pain that loss would bring; We insist on continuing behavior or patterns that are destructive because they are comfortable. We are indeed creatures of habit.

It was not until I learned to accept change, embrace it even, as part of the beautiful evolution of being, that I really began to relax into my life. The tumultuousness of change is a bit like the churning of a washing machine. At the end of the cycle, everything comes out fresh and clean. All that tossing about can be a bit jarring, but it is a necessary process to keep us from getting stale and stagnant.

And so, I enter my B-52 year excited about all the changes the new year will bring. For starters, I am planning to create a new look for this blog. I have let it lapse a bit lately and would like to morph into a slightly new direction - some aviation, some adventure, some ad-libbing on various subjects. I hope you will all make that transition with me and invite others along for the ride. More details to follow on that....

In the meantime, go out there and shake it up a bit!

xo, Cate

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Wishes

Lying in bed at 4am Christmas Morning with a 102.4 fever, I think of wishes . . . .

And so, here are some Christmas wishes for you, laced with only a little bit of feverish delirium.....

~May you find joy in every little thing and be generous in sharing it with others.

~May you throw the expectations of others aside and be wholly, unapologetically YOU.

~Like "The Dude" in "The Big Liebowski," may you simply ABIDE in the moment, not letting anything get you too wound up.

~May you embrace your own personal insanity as the fount of your creativity and uniqueness.

~May you embrace your physical body with gratitude, regardless of what it looks like - honor and care for the vessel that carries you through your days.

~May you find someone whose heart feels like home.

~May you never wallow in self-pity, but rather accept what is, and move on from there.

~May you learn to set fear aside and, instead, base all actions on the incredible abundance of the universe.

~May you be instrumental in killing the belief that it is a "Dog eat Dog" world - there Is plenty for all in our world, if we would only learn to manage our resources better.

~May you adopt the philosophy to "Do no harm" - just three simple words, but they could change the world.

~And finally, may you have a Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas.

Fondly, Cate